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Methiopropamine Research Chemical Substance.

Methiopropamine, also called MPAMethedrene, Syndrax, Blow or 1-(thiophen-2-yl)-2-methylaminopropane, has the molecular formula: C8H213NS and its molecular mass is 155.261 g/mol. Its stability is rated at two years.

Methiopropamine is a structural analogue of methamphetamine, specifically a thiophene ring-based analogue. This chemical was first described in 1942 and is well understood, chemically speaking. Methiopropamine is neither a true amphetamine nor a phenethylamine, nor is it a functional analogue of either. This material has been a popular research chemical for at least five years and has been marketed both as methiopropamine and as Blow.

Pharmacology: Methiopropamine works as a selective reuptake inhibitor for norepinephrine-dopamine. It is nearly twice as selective for the norepinephrine receptor as for the dopamine receptor (1.85 times). Compared to classic dextroamphetamine, methiopropmanine is around 33% as potent when used as a reuptake inhibitor for dopamine, and around 20% as powerful as a reuptake inhibitor for dopamine. Its function as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor is near zero, and effectively negligible.

Metabolism: Methiopropamine metabolises much the same way that methamphetamine does, using demethylation, deamination and hydroxylation. , demethylation and deamination are in common. In the end, most of the chemical is turned to thiophene-2-carboxylic acid, which is exceedingly hydrophilic and easily excreted in urine. Thiopropamine and methiopropamine are also metabolic products, and both are excreted unchanged in the urine.

Legal Status: Methiopropamine is not a scheduled substance in the US as a whole, but it could perhaps be considered legally an analogue of a Schedule II substance under an unusually broad reading of the Federal Analog Act, so use caution. Methiopropamine is explicitly a Schedule I controlled substance in the state of Florida.

MPA is illegal in Finland, Germany and after 1th October 2015 in China.

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