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Buy MDPPP pyrrolidine Replacement - MDMP.

Buy MDPPP pyrrolidine Replacement MDMP online from DoctorChemistry:

A brand new of MDPPP has just been released called MDMP which is about as close to a Pyrrolidine as can be made after the total research chemical ban.MDMP is probably the best stim available right now and you could add some MDAI in for best research results!

MDPPP, also called C14H17NO3, 4-MePPP,  (RS)-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-1-propanone, and 3',4'-Methylenedioxy-α-pyrrolidinopropiophenone, is a legal stimulant, and classed as both an adrenergic and a dopaminergic agent.

MDPPP first came to the public eye in Germany in the 1990s as the primary active ingredient in certain pills marketed as a alternative to ecstasy. Chemically, it has a very similar structure to both α-PPP and MDPV.  It is closer to α-PPP on a structural level. The only difference is one added methyl group on the phenyl ring, in the para position.MDPPP became popular Germany as a designer drug at the ssme time as many other pyrrolidinophenone derivatives. Whilst it never recieved the same international recognition as the related substances MDPV or α-PPP MDPPP is still often found in such "bath salt" blends as the well-known "NRG-3".

Topology and Geometry:

  • asymmetric atom count: 1
  • atom count: 35
  • bond count: 37,
  • chain atom count: 4
  • chain bond count: 5
  • cyclomatic number: 3
  • rotatable bond count: 3.
  • deriding energy: 51.87 kcal per mol
  • maximum projection area: 68.52 square angstroms
  • minimal projection area: 43.64 square angstroms
  • volume: 228.20 cubic angstroms

Chemistry and Physical Properties:

  • heavy atom count: 18
  • topological polar surface area: 38.8
  • covalently bonded units: 1
  • feature 3D acceptors: 3
  • feature cations: 1
  • feature 3D rings: 3
  • effective rotors: 4.6


Sweden's public health ministry began the process of classifying MDPPP as a hazardous substance in 2014

MDPPP is unsuitable for human consumption, and is sold only for research and forensic use in a laboratory environment.

For further information please visit Wikipedia page.