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Buy Ethylphenidate Replacement - Dimethylphenidate.

Ethylphenidate Crystal is after October 1th one of 116 banned Research Chemicals.

A derivative, but also replacement of ethylphenidate is dimethylphenidate that distributors can buy in very good quality from doctorchemistry research chemical online shop at manufacturer price.

Ethylphenidate (EP) Crystal is also known as C15H21NO2, (RS)-ethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate EP and Ethyl phenyl(2-piperidinyl)acetateThis research chemical acts to inhibit dopamine reuptake as well as to inhibit norepinephrine reuptake. This means that in animals it effectively boosts the levels of these neurotransmitters. It works by partially blocking the proteins that normally transport and remove those monoamine neurotransmitters from the neural tissue.


Note that all the data currently available on the pharmacokinetics of ethylphenidate came from studies on rats. We do know that it is a superior DAT (dopamine transporter) than methylphenidate, as it has the same efficacy but with substantially less NET (norepinephrine transporter) activity. As a dopaminergic chemical, ethylphenidate performs almost exactly the same as methylphenidate, which is what seems to produce the euphoria experienced by subjects. However, its eudysmic ratio is superior to methylphenidate’s.

Legal Status:

Ethylphenidate Crystal is not internationally controlled under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

It is not specifically controlled in US, but for some purposes it could be counted an analogue of methylphenidate, and therefore be illegal under the Federal Analog Act.

In the UK, ethylphenidate was outlawed in April 2015, when a Temporary Class Drug Order made it a Class B controlled substance.

It is also illegal in Australia, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Poland.

Ethylphenidate Crystal is not intended for human consumption. It is sold for research and forensic purposes only, and should be kept in a controlled laboratory environment.

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