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5-APB Stimulant Info from DoctorChemistry!

5-APB, sometimes called 5-(2-aminopropyl) benzo furan or 1-benzofuran-5-ylpropan-2-amine or 1-benzofuran-5-ylpropan-2-amine, has a molecular formula of: C11H13NO, and the molecular mass 175.23g/mol. Its stability is approximately two years.

5-APB was extensively examined by both the EPI Suite of the US EPA and ACD/Labs. It was found to have two hydrogen bond receptors and three freely-floating bonds. Its boiling point was found to be 277.085°C (at 760 millimetres of mercury), its melting point is 72.81°C and its flash point is 121.377°C. It has a surface tension of 42.523 dyne/centimetre and a refractive index of 1.592. It was found to have a solubility in water of 6.409 g/litre at 25°C.

5-ABP is not suitable for human consumption, and is sold only for research and forensic use in a laboratory environment.

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